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  • Concert: MARCHMONT HOUSE 3rd May 2019:
    Blown away by the magical and delightful Andante Chamber Choir at Marchmont last night in support of Christ Church Duns and Re-Tweed - wonderful creativity, divine music and excellent cause.
    - Hugo Burge - proprietor Marchmont House

    Concert MARCHMONT HOUSE 3rd May 2019:
    A most sincere thank you for the most special and wonderful concert at Marchmont last Friday evening. It was spectacular, and will be remembered by all who were lucky enough to be present for many years to come.
    - Julia Trotter MBE

    MAYTIME TEA CONCERT for Coldstream Community Centre. 20th May 2018
    Thank you so much for yesterday.... I was absolutely thrilled with how it went.... especially the fact that someone attended who hadn't heard Andante before. He was suitably impressed by the complexity of the arrangements! And I think everyone was blown away by the warmth and musical generosity of the choir.
    - Cath - Concert Promoter

    MAYTIME TEA CONCERT for Coldstream Community Choir. 20th May 2018
    The music was superb and so professional, we and our guests thought it such a lovely and clever touch to have the choir sit amoungst us whilst tea was being served, it allowed us to get to know and learn more about them.
    - audience member

    First time I've been to a 'classical 'concert of choral music. Went along reluctantly because it was close and some people we knew from Coldstream were going.
    I didn't know what to expect but I was blown away by it - the power of the voices and the emotion particularly of the Morley a cappella piece. The atmosphere created by the instrumental interludes was amazing. I have to admit I cried when it finished. Persuaded now to come to the 'andante' Christmas concert.

    The concert was wonderful. My husband said it wasn't his sort of thing but he thought it was excellent and would come again.
    - conversations on closing concert night

    Concert NORHAM PARISH CHURCH 8th November 2015
    Wow!..... What a nice sound and concert on Sunday. Your choir has got a wonderful balanced quality many a choir would be envious of....
    - Peter West

    NORHAM PARISH CHURCH 8th November 2015:

    Well crafted programme with a disciplined choir.

    Great concert. I thought it was great!

    I really enjoyed the concert at Norham on Sunday. Your singers are very good and the programme worked very well.
    - Conversations after concert

    NORHAM PARISH CHURCH 8th November 2015

    Every time I hear your choir you sound better and better.
    - Rev Dr Rob Kelsey

    Concert: MUSIC for the SOUL.
    Philiphaugh House, Selkirk. Friday 21st March 2014

    "It was so lovely to hear a choir without a piano getting in the way!"
    - an audience member comment


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